Kartell's image and its 59 years of history are described through the company's products. The development, the corporate strategies, the attention the company has paid to technology, the project and the design can be appreciated by observing the products Kartell has produced. Kartell's products express the language and the atmosphere of the period in which they were created, but at the same time, they are "contemporary articles," they incorporate many other values and messages and this is why they have become an integral part of our domestic design world.


kartell attila gnome stool
kartell gnome attila stool $ 395.00
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kartell lcp lounge chair in transparent crystal
kartell lcp lounge chair $ 2,495.00
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kartell nepoleon gome stool
kartell napoleon gnome stool $ 395.00
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kartell saint esprit gnome stool
kartell saint esprit gnome stool $ 350.00
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