pablo lana table lamp

Designed by Pablo Studio, 2015.
Made in Italy by Pablo Designs

The Lana table lamp from Pablo Designs is an innovative fusion of craft and advanced manufacturing. Comprised of a unique magnetic felt shade and Chrome or White steel base, the Lana table lamp debuts with a magnetic LED module which guarantees maximum freedom in allowing light to be attached to any ferrous surface.

Where soft meets tech, the Lana boasts handcrafted 100% wool felt shade paired with state of the art LED technology, coupled with premium leather strap for easy adjustment. Lana's LED module employs neodymium magnets allowing for effortless attachment with 360° rotation and unlimited height adjustment, freeing light from spacial limitation. This mobility allows the lamp to assume an infinite number of positions while functioning as a task lamp that provides balanced, ambient light.

Small: 20.5"H, 9.5"L X 9.5"W Base, 11"D Shade
Large: 25"H, 11"L X 11"W Base, 13"D Shade
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