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March 30, 2015

Q&A with Interior Designer Ana Santa MariaModern furniture Sarasota

Name: Ana Santa Maria
Occupation: Interior Designer
Resides in: Sarasota, FL
Best known for: Modern interior design with a down-to-earth spirit and flexible attitude.

Q: What interior design elements are a must-have when you furnish a room?
A: The ceiling heights, window sizes, and the overall size of the room are the most important aspects needed in order to furnish a room appropriately.

Q: I know that you love simplicity when it comes to design, is there a guideline you follow when it comes to timeless design?
A: A timeless look is a design that will stand the test of time. Therefore, if your main elements are neutral in color and simple in style, you can accessorize with color and texture. Color and texture can be easily and inexpensively changed over time.

Q: What are the most common decorating mistakes made by homeowners? 
A: The most common mistakes made by owners are the use of inappropriately scaled furniture pieces. I find that over accessorizing is also a common mistake.
Q: What is your favorite room to design?
A: I honestly don’t have a favorite room that I love to design. I feel all spaces are important and each have their own beauty and interest. I feel that when a house is designed correctly, the house as a whole will speak for itself. A cohesive design is more important than just a room.
Q: What’s currently your favorite piece of furniture in Soft Square showroom? 
A: I love the Calligaris line as a whole. The creativity, quality, and look of the design of their pieces are unique. I especially love their dining tables and the mechanisms they use. It saves space when you need to, but can expand in a simple step that allows for great entertaining!

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