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Q&A with Designer Niels Bendtsen

October 23, 2015


(pc: stylepark.com) 

Niels Bendtsen, the founder of Bensen, a design and manufacturing group, is a true modern renaissance man when it comes to design. Not only does he sketch the blue print for say, a lounge chair, but he is also behind the manufacturing process to bring it to life. So, it is easy to speculate that Bendtsen will remain relevant and purposeful as a designer for years to come.

During the ICFF 2015 furniture showroom at the Javtis Center in New York City, we had the honor of speaking with Bendtsen and getting to know his design aesthetic.

Born in Denmark to a cabinetmaker, Bendtsen was exposed to design and craftsmanship at an early age. This exposure may have paved the way for his future in design.

A no-fuss kind of man, Bendtsen is true to creating pieces that are full of character and practicality. For example, the U Turn chair which was awarded the 2014 AZ Award for furniture design, features an under-cut for foot space to help you lift yourself off the comfy seat.

The difference between me and a lot of people is I’m the designer and I’m also the manufacturer. So, I have to make it ‘manufacturable.’ So, it really is a process of blending style with practicality.”

(pc: bensen.ca)

Since 1981, Bendtsen has been in the business of design and manufacturing.

“I can’t give it up. I like what I do. It’s just something that evolves so you do one thing and you’re on to the next thing.”

His favorite pieces are always the new ones, he says.

My thing is, less is not a bore. A lot of reduction is key, but not to the point that it lacks in character. It still has to have some visual value.”

And the Bensen products do just that. They are full of character and distinctive qualities, yet they are cohesively simple and compatible with any home aesthetic.

What more could you ask for when it comes to design?